1/43 1995 Williams Renault FW17 #5 - Damon Hill - special edition - Onyx



1/43 1995 Williams Renault FW17 #5 - Damon Hill - special edition - Onyx

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The Williams FW17 was designed by Adrian Newey, with which the Williams team competed in the 1995 Formula One World Championship. It was driven by Damon Hill, who was in his third year with the team, and David Coulthard, who was in his first full season after a part-time role in 1994.

With what was regarded as the best chassis and aerodynamics in the field combined with the best engine, the 1995 season was disappointing for the team, who were beaten to both titles by Michael Schumacher and Benetton. Although the FW17 was superior in qualifying trim, taking 12 pole positions, Schumacher was usually more competitive on race day. The Benetton team arguably made better strategy decisions during races and Schumacher was able to win nine races against Hill and Coulthard's combined total of five. This situation was not helped by both drivers making several unfortunate errors during the course of the season.

For the Portuguese GP, the Williams FW17B was used for the first time. In its five races, it took four pole positions and two victories, but the titles were already just about out of reach due to the success of Schumacher and his Benetton B195.

The team eventually finished second in the Constructors' Championship, with 112 points.

The FW17 is notable for being the first Williams car to race with a raised nose, and was the first 'clean sheet' design from the team since 1991 (as the car's two predecessors had been evolutions of the FW14), owing to the new technical regulations for the 1995 season.

    SKUONYX 255
    Manufacturer: Williams
    Model: FW17
    Driver(s): Damon Hill
    Series: Formula 1
    Year: 1995
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